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You want your jewellery to last forever, right?

With the right care it will. So, here’s our quick and easy care tips on keeping your jewellery shining for years to come.


Sterling Silver is a precious metal and can naturally tarnish over time when exposed to air, liquids, and chemicals.

To protect your silver jewellery, polish it frequently to avoid tarnishing. Polishing cloths infused with silver cleaner, like our specially made jewellery polishing cloths, are great for helping to prevent tarnish and maintaining shine.


Care Tips 

1. Dry off your jewellery after contact with water. And remove when swimming.
    Wearing jewellery while washing your hands is generally fine, just be sure to dry it off afterward. Chlorine is a harsh chemical and can react with silver, make sure to clean and polish your jewellery if you forget to remove it when swimming.

    2. Apply make-up, creams and sprays first. Not directly onto your jewellery.
      Some creams and fragrances can tarnish your jewellery if applieddirectly. Think of your jewellery as the finishing touch to your outfit – embellish yourself last.

      3. Avoid wearing while doing household chores, gardening and contact sports.
        Your P.E. teacher was right. We recommend removing jewellery when engaging in contact activities such as household chores and sports to prevent damage…and injury.  

        4. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
          Store somewhere moisture free – not the bathroom.

          5. Wear it. Your skin's natural oils will help keep your jewellery shiny.
            Silver that’s regularly worn typically needs less care.

            Final Tip

            Be sure to buy genuine solid Sterling Silver - it is higher quality and will last a lot longer than plated jewellery. Unlike some, we don't obscure the metals we use. Every single one of our pieces is crafted from precious metal and will last for years with the right care.